Five for solo piano (2012)

A set of five etudes:  Ephemera, Toccatina, Reverie, Echoes, Quicksilver (selected movements below)
Commissioned by Corey Hamm. 
Duration: 12 minutes.  Score available through the Canadian Music Centre // Video (Ephemera, Echoes, Toccatina).

Bagatelle for solo piano (2012)

Commissioned by the International Beethoven Festival.  
Duration: 3 minutes.    

Wrath for flute (2011)

Commissioned by Mark McGregor for the Seven Deadly Sins project.
Duration: 6 minutes.  
Recording available through the CMC // Listen

The annoyingly aggressive driver right on your tail.  The early morning telemarketing call. The noisy crinkling of candy wrappers at the most delicate moment of a piece.  This movement is an expression not of the biblical wrath that brought on wars and plagues, but of a modern-day version that seethes, curses and imagines sweet vengeance for those petty little transgressions that can madden even the most imperturbable of us.

Still for oboe (2005)

Commissioned by the Albany Symphony Orchestra.
Duration: 3 min. 30 sec.
Available through: Social Sounds

Streams for viola (2005)

Commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts. 
Duration: 11 min.  Listen.

Mirage 2 for flute (2004)

Duration: 5 min.
Available through the Canadian Music Centre 
// Recording Available

Mirage 2 explores the idea of the real versus the illusory through its treatment of gesture and timbre.  Air tones, percussive attacks and soft tremolos juxtaposed with jagged melodic lines blur the boundaries between sound and silence, pitch and noise, monody and harmony.

Elegy for piano (2004)

Duration: 3 min.

Mirage for flute or saxophone (2000)  

Duration: 5 min.
Available through Dorn Music Publishing //
Recording Available

Bloom for solo cello (1999) 

Duration: 12 min.
Available through the Canadian Music Centre
// Recording Available

Transformation is a theme common to all three movements in this work. The first movement, emerging, interprets the process as an intense struggle.  Structured as a large wedge shape, the movement begins softly and gradually builds in successive waves of increasing and unrelenting tension.   In the second movement, playfuI, this tension gives way to a sense of levity, yet even this scherzo has moments that echo the aggressiveness of the previous movement.  In hushed, there is, at last, an arrival at a quiet stasis through repetitions of a simple motive that appears with only slight variations.

dark sea, silent stars for guitar (1999)

Duration: 3 min.